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“On the two school days of your assigned teachers’ convention, you have a legal and professional responsibility to attend convention. If you are not able to make it safely to your assigned convention, however, your collective agreement may include impassable roads or inclement weather clauses that you can access. If your collective agreement does not include language specific to road conditions or weather, you may make use of the personal leave clauses of your agreement in most cases. Please be aware that using any of these types of leave may require you to pay substitute costs, forego a portion of your salary and benefits, or report to your school or another work location in your district. Refer to your collective agreement for more information. Should you require any additional information or if you need assistance interpreting your collective agreement, please contact Teacher Employment Services at 1-800-232-7208 or 780-447-9400.”
This information is also found on the Frequently Asked Questions page on the www.ataconventions.ca website. If you have any further questions regarding this, please contact Daniel.Maas@ata.ab.ca.

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Thursday, February 22

8:35am MST

8:50am MST

9:00am MST

An Introduction to Photography Glen 205 - CTCCWade Westworth Assessment in CTS - Managing the outcomes in multi-level (10/20/30) Classrooms Telus 108 - CTCCRobert VanderLee Effectively Differentiating Instruction to Meet The Needs of All Learners (K-6) Glen 203/204 - CTCCSamantha Smith Help! I have to teach Junior High Drama with no experience! Imperial 8 - HYATTCharmaine Ferguson Playful Learning: Unlocking Language Development for EAL Students and All Learners Telus 109 - CTCCJoshua LaFleur Creativity in Your Second Language Classroom Imperial 3 - HYATTLauren Price • Sheldon Betts French Immersion: Diving into the New Curriculum Glen 209 - CTCCMarie Grenon Fuel Your Body to Teach Imperial 6 - HYATTCarman Murray Tools to build your Financial Wellness Telus 104/105 - CTCCElizabeth Walton • Shane O'Bryan Autism in the Classroom Imperial 2 - HYATTAmy Tatterton Free Indigenous Lessons Created by Indigenous Educators: Pre-Contact, Contact, Treaties, Colonialism and The Indian Act Macleod Hall D - CTCCKathy Miller • Jordan Betancourt More Than Words: The Significance of Land Acknowledgements on the Journey of Truth and Reconciliation Macleod Hall E4 - CTCCGretchen Riel Managing expectations (Keynote) Exhibition Hall E X - CTCCCatriona Le May Doan Let's Talk Phonics Glen 206 - CTCCKristy Dunn • Pearson Canada Whole Novels for the Whole Class: A Student Centered Approach Glen 208 - CTCCDana Johnston Yoga Jam for Beginnerrs Imperial 4 - HYATTKendra Silk • Sabrina Grecu Stop Vaping Before It Starts: What Teachers Need to Know Telus 106 - CTCCAaron Ladd Hope: Resilience and Recovery Macleod Hall B - CTCCLisa Everitt Recreation, Ethics and Aesthetics. Are Video Games a Refined Art, Noble Sport or an Egregiously Superfluous Pastime? Macleod Hall E1 - CTCCDr. Gerard McLarney Lighthouse Leadership – Illuminating the Path to Collaborative Communities Glen 201/202 - CTCCLindsay Avramovic Unlucky When Hiring? Macleod Hall E2 - CTCCNelson Scott Explore the Nature of Science Co-Lab 111 - CTCCKristina Wasyleczko • Brett Eustergerling Student Projects At Any Scale- SHS Community Greenhouse Imperial 1 - HYATTCole Hintz Effective & Inspiring Experiential Learning Activities in the Canadian Military History Classroom Macleod Hall E3 - CTCCAaron Curtis The Holocaust- Teaching About Then Today Telus 110 - CTCCLindsay Anderson (Pre-Reg 20 OFFSITE) Nailed It! Cake Decorating 101 Off-SiteCarmen Wasylynuik Werklund School of Education Undergraduate Student Poster Display on Interdisciplinary Learning and STEM Education Hallway outside Imperial Rooms - HYATTCynthia Prasow • Werklund Students (Pre-Reg 50 OFFSITE) Sowing Seeds of Sustainability: Nurturing Sustainable Action in the Classroom and Beyond Off-SiteMegan White • Calgary Stampede Foundation (Pre-Reg 16 OFFSITE) LEARN TO SEW and Teach Your Students Too! Off-SiteCatherine Ford (Pre-Reg 16 OFFSITE) Some carve their careers - others just Whittle! - 1 Day Workshop Off-SiteDave Connell (Pre-Reg 60 OFFSITE) Learning Outside With the New ELA, Math and Science Curricula: A day at Fish Creek Park Off-SiteVicki Perkins • Andrea Barnes PRAYER ROOM Telus 107 - CTCCPRAYER ROOM PRAYER ROOM

10:20am MST

(Pre-Reg 30) Is this Burnout? How caring for others can impact educators. Imperial 3 - HYATTBrenda Straw • Dr. Cailey Hartwick The “Cost” of Household Food Insecurity to Students: Approaches that Support Dignity and Well-being. Glen 208 - CTCCMariel Fajer-Gomez • Charity Alcocer ARTA and the ARTA Benefit Plans - Looking Ahead to New ADVENTURES "Presented by Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association Macleod Hall E4 - CTCCARTA Representatives • Gary Sawatzky • Linda Manwarren Sleep and its Impact on Athletic Performance Telus 101/102 - CTCCDr. David Chorney Hacking ADHD Motivation Telus 108 - CTCCKendall Delamont Supportive and Responsive Classroom Instructional Strategies for Students with FASD Macleod Hall E2 - CTCCPatricia Kincaid Free Indigenous Lessons Created by Indigenous Educators: Pre-Contact, Contact, Treaties, Colonialism and The Indian Act **REPEAT SESSION Macleod Hall D - CTCCKathy Miller • Jordan Betancourt Finding Our Way in Indigenous Education-Connecting Hearts and Minds Imperial 6 - HYATTGretchen Riel Managing Expectations (Keynote) Exhibition Hall E X - CTCCCatriona Le May Doan Téflon ou Velcro - Comment maximiser l’apprentissage - 1ère à 12e année (Keynote) Imperial 5/7/9 - HYATTRenée Michaud Gamifying High School English and Outcome Based Assessment Telus 109 - CTCCJade Chausse Introducing Bug Club Morphology - Empowering Readers and Writers Through Word Structure, Vocabulary, and Spelling Imperial 1 - HYATTKaren Filewych • Pearson Canada Let's Talk Phonics REPEAT SESSION Glen 206 - CTCCKristy Dunn Lyrical Lessons: Using Music In Language Arts Glen 203/204 - CTCCMiranda Krogstad Yoga Jam intermediate/advanced Imperial 4 - HYATTKendra Silk • Sabrina Grecu The Soul of AI: Do Artificial Intelligence machines have souls? Macleod Hall E1 - CTCCDr. Gerard McLarney Formative Assessment in Physics Co-Lab 111 - CTCCKristina Wasyleczko • Laura Pankratz Empowering Teachers for Alberta’s Clean Energy Transition Macleod Hall E3 - CTCCBraeden Elenko • Colin King • Kathryn Wagner • Mila Mezei • Kat Hill Canva In The Classroom Glen 205 - CTCCWade Westworth Coding for Kindergarteners - Introducing Elementary Students to Computational Thinking Imperial 8 - HYATTAlicia Berger Timesavers for Teachers Glen 209 - CTCCMeaghan Wright • Laura Laderoute Elementary School Classroom Management for New Teachers: Learn The Art of Herding Cats Telus 104/105 - CTCCSean Hartley Creating a Culture of Respect for Gender and Sexual Diversity Telus 103 - CTCCPrax Li (Pre-Reg 30 OFFSITE) We All Belong in Nature: Ecojustice in Outdoor Education Off-SiteCPAWS - Jaclyn Angotti Brain Games Glen 201/202 - CTCCDanna Ormstrup Handle with Care: A go-to Guide for self care Macleod Hall C - CTCCAriel Haubrich (Pre-Reg 30 OFFSITE) Why Grasslands CAN and WILL save the world! Off-SiteSheri Tarrington (Pre-Reg 15 OFFSITE) Fly Tying to Release Anxiety Off-SiteDylan Sinclair

11:40am MST

Transforming Teaching: Reducing workload and aplifying student engagement through Visible Thinking Routines Telus 109 - CTCCPeter Ehrman • Amanda Ball Building Personal Leadership within Students Imperial 6 - HYATTCarman Murray Créons des créateurs—favoriser la pensée créatrice dans votre école Glen 208 - CTCCAndrea Mishio Reimagining Education: Fostering Radical Love, Emotional Intelligence, and Anti-Oppression in the Classroom Imperial 4 - HYATTalicia huculak • olivia nannan Meaningful use of the Outdoors for your PE program Telus 101/102 - CTCCDr. David Chorney ASEBP Benefit Overview Presentation Telus 106 - CTCCASEBP Representative • Joanna Szymczyk Creating a Neurodiverse-Affirming Classroom Telus 108 - CTCCKendall Delamont Using E-Books within the New ELAL Curriculum Imperial 1 - HYATTKaren Filewych • Pearson Canada Get Reel || Creative Writing Techniques in Cinema Glen 203/204 - CTCCMiranda Krogstad Board Games for kids Grades 3-5 Glen 205 - CTCCDaniel Patterson • Meaghan Patterson Steel Drums & Handbell Fun Co-Lab 111 - CTCCTeena Trick-Wilks Diving Deeper: Opportunities and Challenges in School Leadership – A Guided Conversation for Strategic Support Imperial 2 - HYATTChris Gonsalvez • Genevieve Blais Reclaim Your Time! Glen 206 - CTCCGrace Martin (Pre-Reg 30) Trauma Informed Responses to Child Abuse Imperial 3 - HYATTBrenda Straw • Dr. Sarah Macdonald • Sandi Pineda-Selva Flat Earth, Dinosaurs, and the Bible: Can Science and Religion get along? Macleod Hall E1 - CTCCDr. Gerard McLarney Where Staff Believe They Belong Macleod Hall E2 - CTCCNelson Scott Coding for Kindergarteners Part 2 - Introducing Robots to Elementary Students Imperial 8 - HYATTAlicia Berger Cultivating Readers for Life – Building Reading Communities Telus 110 - CTCCJane Roberts Believing the Improbable… how misinformation shapes “other people's” minds Macleod Hall E4 - CTCCGreg Hunter (Pre-Reg 50 OFFSITE) Experience Parades, Pancakes and Posters as the Calgary Stampede Comes to Life through the Unveiling of the Sam Centre Off-SiteCalgary Stampede Foundation • Colleen Johnson

1:00pm MST

(Pre-Reg 30) Add Indigenous Voices to your Classroom using Alberta Tomorrow Telus 101/102 - CTCCJennifer Janzen (Pre-Reg 30) What the Watercolour? Telus 109 - CTCCKendra Silk Students with Scars: Understanding Self Injury Macleod Hall C - CTCCAriel Haubrich How to Read & Plan with the New Curriculum Glen 203/204 - CTCCMichelle Bechthold Tools To Help Students Decipher Online AI and Misinformation/Disinformation Using Lateral Reading Strategies and Recognition of Bias Vulnerabilities Glen 201/202 - CTCCKathy Miller • Takuto Shiota Balancing All The Things - How to Bring University Planning into the Real Classroom! A Workshop for Beginning Teachers Macleod Hall E3 - CTCCTiffany Harris Culturally Responsive Teaching Imperial 6 - HYATTIvonne Bayona Your Brain, Your Life: How Our Stories Drive Our Learning (Keynote) Exhibition Hall E X - CTCCDr. Jared Horvath Les problèmes écrits versus la résolution de problèmes - 1ère à 6e année Telus 103 - CTCCRenée Michaud Transformer le comportement et l'estime : Atelier d'interventions puissantes Glen 205 - CTCCAnnie Jacques Let's talk about boys' education and the 'boy crisis' Imperial 3 - HYATTDr. Teresa Fowler Making Sense of Morphology Glen 206 - CTCCKristy Dunn The English Village Glen 208 - CTCCBelinda Cartwright (Pre-Reg 30) A1: Engaging Students using Unorthodox Board Games Co-Lab 111 - CTCCJustin Acierto • Duane Sovyn POWER PLAY - GAMES FOR GRADES 3-6 UPPER ELEMENTARY PLACE VALUE Macleod Hall B - CTCCJane Felling ATRF Your Pension Essentials Telus 104/105 - CTCCPension Counsellor • Marc Bisson Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers and Teacher Leaders Imperial 2 - HYATTKeith Hadden The Hunger Games and the Bible: Hope, Freedom, and Sacrifice Macleod Hall E1 - CTCCDr. Gerard McLarney 97 Staff Recognition Tips in Just 75 Minutes Macleod Hall E2 - CTCCNelson Scott Using Excel for Administrators Imperial 1 - HYATTJohn-Mark Crane Gizmos: Solve Real-World Problems Using Gizmos STEM Cases Division 2 Teachers Glen 209 - CTCCLindsay Beaulieu (Pre-Reg 23 OFFSITE) OMG – Planning for a Substitute in Foods 10-12 Off-SiteCarmen Wasylynuik Beyond Pronouns: Confidently Understanding and Educating Transgender Youth Imperial 5/7/9 - HYATTTammy Plunkett (Pre-Reg 30 OFFSITE) Journey to the Heart of Our Parks – From Egos to Ecosystems to Ecojustice Off-SiteSheri Tarrington L'improvisation, au coeur de la communication orale Imperial 4 - HYATTGenevieve Lamoureux • Yoan Barriault ARTA Cafe Telus 106 - CTCCARTA Representatives (Pre-Reg 30 OFFSITE) Calgary Zoo: Adaptations and Biodiversity in Wild Canada Off-SiteWilder Institute Calgary Zoo • Teegan Bennington Jessop

2:20pm MST

Mental Health 101: Understanding & Supporting Mental Health and Mental Illness Macleod Hall C - CTCCAriel Haubrich The good, the bad, and the confused: Parents experiences of accessing special education services for their children with disabilities Telus 108 - CTCCDr. Meadow Schroeder • Katharine Elliott • Rachel Pagaling • Reha Sandhu Transform Your Teaching with AI Glen 203/204 - CTCCMichelle Bechthold Take a LEAP-Understanding Racial Bias Imperial 6 - HYATTShanley Nguyen Your Brain, Your Life: How Our Stories Drive Our Learning (Keynote) Exhibition Hall E X - CTCCDr. Jared Horvath (Pre-Reg 30) A3: Gamifying Your Classroom Co-Lab 111 - CTCCDuane Sovyn • Aaron Nisbett An Introduction to Restorative Practices and Restorative Circles Telus 104/105 - CTCCDerek Keenan Cultivating Courage In The Classroom (Through Theatre Education) Imperial 1 - HYATTDani Driusso Promote Staff Wellness: Moving Toward Healthier School Workplaces Glen 205 - CTCCNannette Gropp • Theresa McIsaac Animal Assisted Activities in Schools Telus 110 - CTCCAngela Bain • Lauren Condrashoff • Caitlyn Cornell and her dog Winnie • Marilyn King and her dog Finn Purpose Driven Writing Imperial 3 - HYATTSigmund Brower Laugh Out Loud Literary Devices Telus 101/102 - CTCCMiranda Krogstad Gizmos: Build Conceptual Understanding Using Online Math Simulations Aligned to the New Curriculum Glen 209 - CTCCLindsay Beaulieu ENGAGING MATH GAMES WITH ENGAGING DICE K - GRADE 3 Macleod Hall B - CTCCJane Felling Planning for Retirement Imperial 2 - HYATTKeith Hadden Financial Literacy for Retiring Teachers Telus 103 - CTCCBelinda Cartwright • David Patayanikorn-Fithen • Roselyn Patayaikorn-Fithen At our best or at our worst? Hobbes, Rousseau, the Bible and the Debate over Human Nature Macleod Hall E1 - CTCCDr. Gerard McLarney (Pre-Reg 30 OFFSITE) Calgary Zoo: Escape Extinction Off-SiteWilder Institute Calgary Zoo Collaboration space for Junior High and Senior High Science Teachers Telus 109 - CTCCRobyn Calvert

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